Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Half wadder: bag

(Photo on me for scale.)
'Tis a sad thing to work on something, have it almost come together, only to discover: not quite good enough. Almost, not quite.
This bag was completely self drafted (possibly the first mistake), vaguely inspired by YSL's Muse Bag, which has the same dome like shape. I've always loved the Gucci-esque bamboo handles (and only now discover I'm a terrible designer-name-dropper. Forgive me.), so I bought those too, and drafted the bag with two zipper pockets - one almost hidden on the outside, one on the inside - and four small inside pockets, cut a bit roomier than the lining and pulled together with elastic sewn onto the seam allowance, for putting in all those odds and ends we lug around all day.
So, as resolved, I took my time, measured twice, ripped out, cussed a bit (what a pain to pull a whole, interfaced, stiffened bag through a hole in the lining...), and really liked it.
I used quilting cotton and a linen-structured brown rayon, a softer iron-on interfacing on the sides and top, and a very stiff interlining ("Schabrackeneinlage" in German) on the front, back and bottom.
Three problems: First, the bottom drops a bit, not too bad. But second, the top gets pulled down by the lining when I put something heavier/bulkier inside, and not just the top parts right and left of the zipper, but also the printed, stiffened front and back parts, causing the bag to lose its dome shape and look - shapeless. Third, these pretty bamboo handles really hurt my shoulder, because they are so hard. Ouch. How does Gucci do it?
I still can't bear to part with it, though, because I really like its looks. Maybe I'll use it as an evening bag for carrying one hankie, or so?!
Do you keep any of your wadders because you've become attached to them? Or am I the only one?
Happy sewing!

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  1. Well done! Looks great - sounds complicated, but you worked it all out - accomplishment!



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